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    Everybody needs this on their blog

    I learned a lot because of Tyra Banks. 

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    He has Monsters inc. on his shirt.

    She has Nemo on her dress.

    Violet has murder in her eyes. 

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    learning internet friends’ real names is always surprisingly disappointing

    like what do you mean your real name is “luis” not “thunderfuck mcpickuptruck”

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    How to Avoid Feelings: a lesson by Pooh

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    no matter what you’re good at there will be a 7 year old chinese kid who’s better

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    • Friend: So what did you do last night?
    • Me: OMG I slept with my boyfriend!
    • Friend: WHAT!? You have a boyfriend!? Who is it?
    • Me: My bed.
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    #favorite character out of all television characters ever

    seriously he literally just moved from drake and josh to icarly he didn’t need to change at all

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